Oven multifunction Costimo HSCO-06G2

Oven multifunction Costimo is perfect choice for processing meats using dry heat because of the supporting of steam combination mode, which helps the meat cooked perfectly

Oven multifunction Costimo

Item code : HSCO-06G2

Energy: Gas

Brand: Costimo

Origin: South Korea

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Oven multifunction Costimo HSCO-06G2

Oven multifunction Costimo is a product line imported genuine from South Korea,a premium product line suitable for restaurants, hotels ... imported genuine by INKO


Multifunction oven Costimo uses intergration of 3 food processing  method in this device, including:

+ Low Pressure Steam

+ Baking convection

+ Combination of steam and grill

Oven multifunction Costimo is a perfect choice for your kitchen, because :

- Oven Multifunction  Costimo is a device 2 in 1 saving much space and time for cooking.

- Oven can be set at low heating mode to replace for flour incubation cabinet,kitchen cabinet and slow cooker

- As designed with extremely accurate control, this device allows users to cook food at the correct temperature and the amount of steam as expected,helping users  to have great flexibility in food processing on their own way.

Technical Specifications Oven multifunction Costimo HSCO-06G2

Model: HSCO-06G2

Energy: Gas

Dimensions: 901 x 848 x 868 (mm)

Capacity: 6 x 1/1 GN (6-Trays)

Weight: 132kg

Size of Water line size: 15A

Size of Exhaust pipe : 20A

Size of gas supply lines: 15A

The amount of gas consumption : LNG _15,500 kcal / h

                                                 LPG_1.29 kg / h

Voltage: 190W, 220V 1N 50 / 60Hz

Time for preliminary heating : 8 minutes ± 10 seconds 

Cooking mode and temperature:

Baking Convection , Steam low pressure, combination (30 ~ 300 )

Steaming (30 ~ 150 )

Capacity: 12 unit

Imported from Korea