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Paros industrial washing machine has many advantages


The factories, industrial zone, factories, hospitals, hotels want to wash a number of textiles, clothing  for supplies and reuse. Do each part of  work ? This will take time and require high-capacity devices with industrial speeds. That is the premise for development of industrial washing machine

The problem is that which distributor has  industrial washing machine that insure quality and does not have the technical error problems.On the market there are many kinds of various industrial washing machine.You do not know which label should be choosed ? Come to Inko.vn to have the best washing machine with the best price. Inko specializes in the import and distribution industrial  washing machine from Korea. Above of all is Paros industrial washing machine with many advantages. Inko brings many conveniences for clients such as :

- Distribution of genuine industrial washing machine.

- Supply and installation system for customers

- Sell genuine industrial washing machine, long-term guarantee

- Quotations of industrial washing machine and laundry facilities 

Features and benefits of Paros industrial washing machine

Máy giặt công nghiệp Paros

- Inverter help to control speed of engine with fixed cleaning and wring speed , ensuring the smooth operation and continuity of the washing and wringing process

- Extractor washing machine with hardly chassis , all important parts are made of stainless steel and galvanized

- Consume less water and fuel

- There are 4 drawers of chemical , for both liquid chemicals or powder

-  High wringing force to help wring more effectively

 Control panel Compass Pro:

 - Large display screen, with button control for easy  to select program

- Select your language, multi-language

- The option button for the washing programs is often used

- Washing program optimize economic.

Electrolux effective quantification systems

 - Best quality due to precise detergent

- Saves up to 20%  detergents

- Save time on account of a fully automated process

- Safer Solvent thanks to automatic detergent dosage

- Friendly to user thanks to multi-language function

- Easy access to statistics and reporting costs through USB port

- Customized options to use different phases for cleaning

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Information management  systems CERTUS ™

- Enhance business and profitability

- Confirm process is possible

- The machine is connected to oversight all operating costs and program and consumption data and confirm each handling process

- Fully compatible with hygiene standards EN14065 / RABC

- Automatically save the laundry via parameters

Guarantee maintenance of industrial washing machine

For Industrial washing machine, the speed of solving problem related to clothing  must quickly. Beside fast processing speed that the machine is often damaged because the machine must operate with the highest possible capacity. So for a long life of machine you must garantee and  maintain regularly.This is one of the major that investors must pay attention when buying machine to have timely solving when there is trouble.

With responsibility is the exclusive distributor of Korean washing machine, we promise and ensure that,when you purchase the advice in Inko,you will receive garantee and maintenance service  with many benefits for customers.Paros Industrial Washing Machine is the perfect combination of modern components with  high level of technical with installation of conveyor equipment

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