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How to use dishwasher most efficient


Product line of dishwashers have been by a lot of  women customers concerned and choosed. But not everyone knows how to use the dishwasher most efficient .Therefore, to answer questions about how to use the dishwasher,please join with us to find the best use of dishwasher.

Today the quality of life is improved,rich families buy dishwasher to reduce time and energy  in order to help women to solve problem about  diswashing. However this is a  new items,not many people understand and use the machine properly, so please join us to learn how to use the dishwasher effectively.

Which solution is the best ?

Cách nào để sử dụng máy rửa bát hiệu quả

The process of the dishwasher:

- Discharge water

- Heat the water to the right temperature

- Automatically open containers of detergent at the appropriate time

- Spray water through high pressure injection system to clean the food on dishes

- Discharge of Wastewater

- Spray more water to rinse dishes

- Discharge wastewater once

- Create hot air to dry the dishes

Cơ chế rửa bát vòng xoáy của máy rửa bát

Some guidelines when using the dishwasher:

- Putting all the leftovers on the dishes, before putting them in the machine

- Put dishes tilt so that the dishwasher to be clean.

- Put dedicated salt into water so that dishes is sterilized effectively.If the machine use, it means lid of salt container lid is not tight, set up salt in the machine high , set incorrectly.

- Put  dishwashing powder as standards of machine,put polishing water at last . If there is too much soap bubbles in the dishwasher, it means you use the wrong detergent, or detergents by hand. You must use the dedicated to the dishwasher

May rua bat bang chuyen Han Quoc

1. Use dishwasher with salt of water softening and fabric softener water to achieve the best results.

 - Salt helps softening water which is provided in the form of powder  in order to prevent curdling soap.

- You also need to ensure that hardness of water is set at appropriate levels in the program (please refer  user manual  to understand how to set up).

 - If you do not use salt as recommended,the amount of lime in the water will gradually precipitate and damage the parts of machine.

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2. You should clean up the details inside the dishwasher once a year to eliminate the harmful lime . 

- Clean the details: dirt filter dirt and water spray arm once a month to remove stink , protect health and ensure optimum efficiency.

 3. When process of dishwashing has finished, rinse cycle, it's better to shutdown and  wait about 10 minutes for reduce of temperature and dried off dishes.

 - If you do not take away the dishes immediately , you should open the door of machine about 20 minutes so that the steam could fly out, do not leave the door closed throughout after washing, steam can not escape and condense  on the dishes.

 4. Some bead washing is designed for use in place of soap and fabric softener, but to achieve the best results you should use parallel salt of softening water and water softener with bead washing.

5. You should also remove the leftover food before feeding into the dishwasher,the food wastes can cause clogged filters and the blowhole

6. Make sure that the spray arms can operate ordinary without any barrier.

7. Filter is the focus of stubborn dirt, easy to make stink and bacteria . So cleaning filter and the details inside the machine should do regularly to ensure hygiene and protect health.

 Above is principles for using the dishwashers depend on different labels of dishwasher to have the most reasonable way to use.

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