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Kingmart Viet Nam sell Korea industrial washing maschine cheapest


Industrial washing drying machine Korea are the most popular products choiced with competitive price and the best quality

Kingmart Viet Nam sell industrial washing maschine cheapest

1. The system of springs and  industrial vibration reduction

Designed and installed in a scientific way in order to absorb maximum vibration and shaking during operation. 
Thanks to this system of springs that the device can balance and work with super high   wring force - Paros 
Installation without reinforced base and foundation for the machine. Book equipment in the high location is possible

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2. Motor controlled by inverter system 

Inverter control system helps the device can run with different speed extractor, which meet every washing-extractor demand of all kinds of different materials 
More effective, protect motor for longer life and all above is saving energy, reduce operation costs.

3. The system of industrial bearings and seals. 

Automatic oiler/grease  device help device  stable, perfect and safe during operation. With this function, user can not only reduce maintenance time, but also  ensure the longevity of  2 felt  industrial machine type 3 lips and enhance 6 times  capability waterproof and chemicals , drive shaft and bearings .

4.Microprocessor control system modern in the world

For washing programs can change and install, including the washing programs are world standard -installed. 
Adjust the water level, temperature, speed extractor, washing time ... 
The system is ready to connect to the central control PC, improve automation and management