Freezer 2 wings Everzen UDS-30RIR

Freezer 2 wings Everzen UDS-30RIR - a modern device, integrate multiple functions to  keep food good and fresh . Equipment is imported 100% from Korea.

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Today,freezer is an essential device in many restaurants, cafes...

There are many different kinds of freezer about origin, material, style ... But the most popular is freezer 2 standing wings.

Các loại tủ đông mát Everzen

- Freezer 2 standing wings has the advantage of compact, suitable for a restaurant with small space,storage need is not too big.

- Freezer 2 wings Everzen UDS-30RIR with the advantage of high durability, made of luxury  strength stainless steel materials,easy to clean.

- With alarm bell mode, there will be'' beep'' when the door is closed not tight enough and they will stop knolling when the device is closed.

Tu mat 2 canh dung Han Quoc

Freezer 2 wings

Model: UDS-30 RIR

Brand: EVERZEN - Unique Daesung

Cooling Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 5 ° C

Capacity (L): 667

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 850 x 750 X1900

Weight (kg): 98

Solvent Cool: R-134a

Compression motor (HP): 1 / 4HPx1

Temperature Adjuster : Digital Dashboard

Voltage: AC200V / 50HZ

Imported from Korea

Reference: Industrial Refrigerator imported from Korea