Freezer 4 wings Everzen UDS-45RIR

Freezer 4 wings Everzen UDS-45RIR keep food always fresh, ensuring food is always good for health. Equipment is imported 100% from Korea.

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Freezer 4 wings Everzen UDS-45RIR

Freezer is one of the indispensable devices in kitchens in restaurants, bars and with small or medium scale. However,not all customers know how to select an appropriate device.

Which is the best solution?

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EVERZEN- is a famous brand in all kinds of  freezer, cool table come from Korea. We have researched and found  that freezer 4 wing Everzen USDS-45RIR could be seen as a great choice for you.

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-With advanced digital temperature control, temperature control is completely automatically controlled.Food is always kept fresh for a long time

Điều khiển tự động làm mát

- LED super energy saving system:Heat radiating is very little while maintaining maximum brightness

-Outer shell is made of high quality stainless steel. Internal structure is made of  stainless steel material stainless and  based material polyurethane against scratches.

- The product is designed to easy for maintenance and increasing maximum cooling efficiency

- Product designed convenientlyb: angles designed curved , design of easily holding opening arm for ease of using, high durability.

- Friendly environment thanks to the capillary system closed-CFS R134a ,there is no affect to the ozone layer.

- Easy to move and repair with wheel system,spare parts are easy to disassemble

- Installing opening bell: there will be beep if the door is opened in a while, and knoll a few seconds later until the freezer is closed

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Technical Specifications of freezer 4 wings

Model: UDS-45RIR


Cooling Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 5 ° C

Capacity (L): 1119

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 1260 x 800 X1900

Weight (kg): 149

Coolant: R-134a

Press motor (HP): 1/4HPx1

Temperature adjuster: Digital Dashboard

Voltage: AC220V / 50HZ

Imported from Korea