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What is the Best Way to Clean Your Ceramic Tile Floors?


How to Clean Ceramic Floors?

Besides their phenomenal beauty and versatility, porcelain tile floors have the advantage of being very low-maintenance. Ceramics are made of natural particles that are shaped and fired in a kiln at very high temperatures.

This process creates a durability and resiliency that is unmatched by most other flooring surfaces. When glazed, they also have a protective barrier from dirt, water, stains, and chemicals, making them even more impervious to the elements. Even while easy to maintain, there are some steps to take to ensure that it remains in optimal condition.

Hóa chất đánh bóng, xử lý sàn gạch

One of the most important aspects of cleaning your tile floor is making sure dirt and spills do not have a chance to get comfortable.

Regular maintenance is important as well. The easiest, quickest, and most effective step you can take is to regularly sweep, vacuum, and damp mop your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen tile floors.

A quick sweeping or vacuuming removes dirt and debris before it can become embedded in the tile or grout. Mopping with warm water and using a manufacturer-recommended cleaning product also enhances your tile’s gloss, shine, and color.

Làm sao để làm sạch sàn gạch ceramic


Dust tile that looks like wood regularly using a dust mop for flooring. This prevents dust from settling in layers in the grooves and making the tiles look dirty.

It might be taken a degreaser with a percentage of buffered acid using a rough cloth with a floor polisher.

This cleaning operation has to be done with energy and after that the floor has to be rinsed and to dry up perfectly with a microfiber cloth.

These kind of cleaners can be used even for the normal cleaning used with water with a bigger percentage of water.