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How many Kitchen Detergent use for dishwashing machine


System of the Dish Washer

The dish washer system is composed of the following pocedures:

1. Wash at water temperatures of 60~65°c
2. Rinse at water temperatures of 95~100°c
3. Dry.

The most important aspect of a successfully clean wash is to check the appropriate detergent density in accordance with the operation parameters and washing conditions. A proper detergent supply device ensures that exactly the right amount of detergent is supplied during each cycle. This maintains optimal condition of the dishwasher and prevents wastage.

Dish washing procedure KIM&S Korea

Kitchen Detergent KIM&S KOREA Automatic Dish Washing System

1. Pre-soak Detergent 
- Pro Clean
- Pro Clean SD

2. Dish Washer Detergent
- Pro Rinse
- Pro Rinse S

3.Dish Washer Rinse 
- Pan Cleaner Ace

4. Oil Stain Remover
- Scale Off
- Floor Cleaner

5. Special Purpose Detergent
- Oven Cleaner Ace
- Oen Cleaner

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