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How to use Carpet Detergent (carpet shampooing)


Definition of Carpet

"Carpet" derives from the Latin phrase "comb one's hair". In its broadest sense, "carpet" is a generally used term for a floor covering made from heavy woven or felt fabric. It is usually made in breadths to be sewn together and nailed to the floor, thereby distinguishing itself from a mat or rug. Carpets are usually made from wool but are also available in cotton, hemp and straw.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets on the floor require regular care and maintenance. Dust & dirt are easily embedded in the carpet, which cause discoloration and damage to the carpet. It may also become an allergenic when blended with soiled food or spills, causing eye sores, dermatitis and even respiratory illness. Therefore, proper care and maintenance of the carpet is necessary to prevent such diseases and to prolong the carpet's life.

The carpet cleaning procedures are as follows:

01 Vacuuming: Removing dust and dirt particles, especially in heavy traffic areas
02 Carpet Cleaning: Removing dirt spots, stains and ticks using detergent
03 High temperature sterilization: Removing germs and ticks at high temperatures
04 Rinse: Removing any residue of detergent

How to use Carpet Detergent (carpet shampooing)

1. Use a low speed rotary agitation machine equipped with a soft brush. Ensure that the carpet is not allowed to dry during the shampoo process.

2. Dilute the detergent depending upon the severity of soils on the carpet:
i. For old stains and heavily soiled areas, dilute at 1:10~1:20
ii. For light soil, dilute at 1:20~1:40

3. Spray the diluted detergent onto the carpet and agitate using a machine

4. Rinse the carpet several times with clean water and allow to dry.
i. Use Pre-Cleaner for carpet spotting or removing water-soluble stains
ii. Use Carpet EX when a carpet extraction machine is used

Types of Carpet Detergent

- Carpet Dirty Spot Remover (Partial stain remover)

/Chất tẩy điểm giặt thảm Pre-Cleaner

- Carpet Clean (Sterilizing detergent for the carpet)

hóa chất giặt thảm Carpet Cleaner

- Carpet Shampoo (Highly concentrated, sterilizing detergent for the carpet)

Hóa chất giặt thảm giặt ghế Sofa Rugswill

- Carpet EX (Low foaming, sterilizing detergent for the carpet)