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Daily and Weekly Maintenance with KIM&S KOREA


Floor Maintenance

Floors sealed by resin wax may lose gloss and become dusted or stained as the surface coat wears off or becomes impaired. This is mainly caused by sand and dust from shoes. The use of mats especially at the entrance and daily cleaning of mats are highly recommended as the first step of the floor maintenance process. In particular, newly coated floors may become easily impaired unless proper maintenance is provided. In certain cases, it may become necessary to thoroughly clean the badly damaged areas and reapply 2 to 3 coats of polish.

Daily and Weekly Maintenance


1. Sep up a "cleaning in progress" sign.
2. Wear protective devices and clothes.
3. Dust mop the floor
4. Scuff marks or badly soiled floor can be cleaned using a daily maintenance cleaning agents (All Clean or All Clean Pro). Dry the floor surface thoroughly.

Hóa chất bảo vệ làm sạch vệ sinh sàn hàng ngày

Packages: 3.75 L (1 gallon) / 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Applications: Multi-purpose floor cleaning and marble cleaning


* No discoloration, loss of gloss or deterioration
* Environmentally friendly neutral detergent (pH 7)
* Suitable to clean marble floors as it does not leave residue.
* Only removes stains from the floor without impairing wax coat..

Method of Use

A. Dilute the cleaning agent in accordance with the directions (All Clean dilutes at a rate of 1:20 -40, one part All Clean and twenty to forty parts water)
B. Generously apply the cleaning agent onto the floor using a mop, 5-10cm away from the walls and furniture. If the cleaning agent comes into contact with walls or furniture, damp wipe the affected surface immediately.
C. Clean the floor surface using a machine equipped with a red pad. Use a blue pad for heavily soiled floors
D. Use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or floor squeegee to remove the waste liquid. The waste liquid must not be allowed to dry on the surface.
E. Rinse the area thoroughly (approximately 2-3 times) with clean water and mop and then dry the floor.
F. Neutralizer can be used to reduce the cleaning time and prevent re-soiling of wasted wax

5.Apply the resin wax thinly and evenly as instructed in the polishing section. Two coats of wax should be applied for heavy traffic areas. Each coat of wax must be allowed to dry completely prior to the application of another coat. Approximately one hour should be allowed.

6. Immediately clean up equipment at the conclusion of the procedure. All buckets and wringers must be thoroughly washed, rinsed and allowed to dry. All mops must be thoroughly washed and hung to dry, away from walls. All other equipment must be either washed or wiped down and stored in the proper location.