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How to install industrial dishwashers from Korea


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Instructions  how to install industrial dishwashers from Korea 

Instructions  how to install industrial dishwashers from Korea- INKO.VN give you instructions on how to install industrial dishwashers from Korea effectively, in order to help you when used, not afraid of leakage of water supply lines or damaged electrical lines.

1. Preparation before installation

- Disconnect the device from the packing and check for damage during shipping. If damaged, you must contact the retailer and do not install device 

- Check the device by placing it to the other side or the back exposed to cupboard or wall

- Place the machine on the flat and solid concrete floor. If the floor is not flat, then adjust the device until it reaches the vertical position. If the device is set at a reasonable height,it will be more balanced, less vibration and less noise during operation.



- Connection of  water supply and power supply  should be done by skilled technical staff

- Industrial dishwasher from  Korea should not be placed on soft line water supply or electrical cable supply

- Equipment should use the new pipeline connected to the water network. Do not use old pipes.

electrical connection

- For personal safety, never use long wire or plugs for industrial dishwashers from Korea.

- Under any circumstances, never cut or remove third tube from power.

- Make sure that you have proper  wire connect to ground  before using the machine

After ensuring voltage and frequency of the current electric corresponds with the table norms and power system are sized for the maximum voltage level, set the plug to the power outlet which is  connect to the ground . If the power outlet  is incompatible with the plug, it  is better to  replace the outlet than using an adapter which may cause overheating or fire.

Electrical requirements:

See label norms to know about the rated voltage and connect suitable  power  for industrial dishwashers from Korea. Use breaker or fuse to delay time and provide separate circuit for the machine.


Install device of cable power supply and socket is kind of easy to use

Cable is not bent or compressed

If the cable is damaged, it must be replaced by manufacturers or service technical support to ensure that does not cause dangerous .

The company is not responsible for any accidents that occur if these regulations can not be achieved.

Intruction of connection to the ground floor

Dishwasher must be connected to the ground floor.In case of malfunction or damage,connection to the  ground will reduce the risk of electrical short  by providing one resistance of minimum power circuit .The machine is equipped with conductor wires and  plug connected to the ground. Plugs should be plugged into the appropriate power outlet which is installed  grounded  with local rules and regulations.


Error due to unsuitable connection to the ground can lead to risk of short circuit. Contact the service center if  there is suspicion of unsuitable connection . Do not change the plug which is supplied with the machine. If the plug does not fit the socket, require a technical staff to buy a suitable outlet in order to install. To avoid  remaining water in pipeline, lock the shower when using.

Connect to the pipe water supply

Instructions of connecting pipe water for industrial dishwashers from Korea

+ Connect the cold water source

Connect the water pipe supply  to junction  with diameter 3/4 inch , ensure tight junction and no water leakage.If water supply lines is new and not used in one period of time, let the water run for a time to ensure clean water and no impurities. If if this test step is not done, it can lead to jammed water supply lines and damage the machine

+ Connect the hot water source

Water supply pipes may be connected to the hot water system in the house,as long as it does not exceed 60 degrees. In this case, the duration of the wash cycle will be shortened about 15 minutes and productivity wash will be reduced

Connect the hot water line as cold water line

Device installation

Place the machine into the desired position. The back of machine against the wall behind the machine and the edges of machine along cabinets or wall. The machine is equipped with water supply and drain pipes can be placed in the right or left for more convenient during  installation

Connect to water drain

Instruction: connect water drain for industrial dishwashers from Korea

Install water drain into the exhaust pipe without attached.

If the length of pipe is not appropriate, it is necessary to apply the necessary measures to extend, for example use the same material related  as original . Remember that the length of pipe  should not exceed 4 meters including prolonged

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If drain water is longer than 4m , dishes will not be cleaned with discharge line to avoid being left out during washing.

Safety of Water Source 

The system of safety water source is one safe value system to prevent water leakage.If  there is leakage in the water supply pipe during washing, the safety valve will interrupt water. Do not soak the water supply or the safety valve in the water because the power cables of the valve located in the water supply pipe.

If the water supply pipe or safety valve is damaged, remove the plug from the power outlet immediately. Do not extend or shorten the water supply because it contains electrical parts.

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