Conveyor dishwasher Master-9100D

Conveyor dishwasher is a modern product which provide high productivity with good quality of washed dishes and capable of drying,sterilization and maximum hygiene with thousand of  bowls.

Conveyor Dishwasher

Model: Master-9100D

Category: Conveyors

Brand: Nu-Master

Guarantee: 12 months

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Conveyor dishwasher Master-9100 is an outstanding product series of technical specifications, designed for the large-scale restaurants, hotels and dining in the industrial parks.

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- Washing conveyor system is fully automated, easy to use

- Product designed by stainless steel materials, durable over time.

- High-capacity to help washing fastly, cleaning a large number of bowls, plates, cups, glasses in a short time 

Technical Speciafications:

Conveyor Dishwasher

Model: Master-9100D

Capacity: 1000 rack / hour

Mechanism of operation: Sprinklers washing cycle up and down

Dimensions (mm): 4700 (W) X830 (D) x1855 (H)

Voltage: 380V 3P / 60Hz

Wash pump capacity: 3HP x 1 (2.25kw)

Coat pump capacity: 0.4HP x 1 (0.33kw)

Capacity of Conveyor motor : 0.4 Kw

Capacity dryer motor : 30 kW

Heating capacity: 10 kW

Wash Tank Capacity: 125Lx1

Power consumption: 43.3 kW

Wash temperature: 60-65oC

Rinse temperature: 82-95oC

Water consumption: 508 L / hr

Thermal energy consumption (kcal / hr): 48000 kcal

Conveyor speed: 1.1 m / min

Imported from Korea

Reference:Industrial Dishwasher Korea