Dishwasher door type Master-7100S

INKO is proud to be the exclusive distributor of top brand in Korea-Nu Master.With the perfect of advanced research technology,astute design, edgy, Series of  Nu-Master brings satisfaction to the consumer from the design, quality standards in the smallest detail.

Industrial dishwasher Korea

Item code : Master-7100S

Brand: Nu-Master

Origin: South Korea

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Industrial dishwasher import KOREA with the best price

Series of dishwasher brand NU-MASTER  imported from KOREA

Industrial dishwasher Master-7100S and Master 7100ST are two newest  series product of brand dishwasher, famous in Korea:Nu-Master, with superior features such as:

 - Quality:

Meets European quality, rugged design, materials against corrosion when exposed to  cleaning chemical .

- Convenient:

Using easier with only one button and off Power on / off, after setting time and temperature for your machine.With clean display screen, you can see each cycle at a glance.Easy to install washing and rinsing mode.

- Fast:

+ With a unique design,which helps to wash dishes fastly,less than 1 minute for a batch of dishes.

+ With design of cleaning arm above and below intelligently,industrial dishwasher Nu-Master can wash all the glasses that little dishwasher can do.

+ Ultra-clean filter system of industrial dishwasher Nu-Master helps to reduce  residue more than any other machine.

- Clean: With coating temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius help to sterilize the dishes after washing, dishes are dried in just 10 seconds and can be put into use immediately.

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Technical Specifications of industrial dishwasher Nunu-7100S

Model: Master-7100S

Dimensions (mm): 650x700x1350 (1800)

Voltage: 220V 1P / 50 ~ 60Hz / 4 Kw in size

Wash pump capacity: 0.75kW

Coat pump capacity: 0.08Kw

Heating capacity: 3.0Kw

Wash Tank Capacity: 48L

Coat Tank Capacity: 28L

Wash temperature: 60-75oC

Rinse temperature: 82-95oC

Wash time/adjustable : 35-80sec (45Sec)

Time girdle adjusted: 5-30sec (12Sec)

Capacity: 50-60Rack / Hr

Imported from Korea

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