Door Type dishwasher Series Nu-Master

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Door Type dishwasher Series Nu-Master

In recent years the demand for dishwashers of wealthy families or busy people rises. Dishwashers  help us have more time for a rest but the cost of a dishwasher is not small. So please choose a dishwasher with the best technology, saving energy and  operation quiet 

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We - INKO understand the anxiety of the customer and offers a line dedicateddishwashing machine  Door Type - brand NU_MASTER. The equipment is imported from Korea, new 100%

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Industrial dishwasher door type series include model: Master-7000S, Master-7000ST,Diamond, Nunu-1004

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With a large capacity, integrating multiple functions in one and the suitable ability to wash for any kinds of cups, plates, cups, trays, spoons, forks ..., Door Type industrial dishwasher is the most commonly used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, canteens and mid-sized schools.

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Here are the advantages of Door Type Series compared to other models:

1. Efficient washing system

Proud of the best washing ability by using a high-pressure compressor pump so that water pressure is always strong and help to wash dishes cleanly and save energy.The pump has a high durability, quiet operation.

 2. Easy to use

Using easier with only one button and off Power on /off, after setting time and temperature for your machine . With clear display screen, you can see each cycle at a glance .

3. Easy to install washing and rinsing mode ...

4.Maximum sterilization and drying dishes quickly by using water temperatures up to 90 ° C

5.Intergration of self-diagnostic function

When abnormalities occur during operation, alarm function will emit a warning sound thanks to self-diagnostic system , that help you to use safely

6. System Integration of chemical quantitative pumps

Design and Applications the firs time in Korea of System Integration of chemical quantitative pumps  in dishwasher.


>>> You will be impressed with the kind of special industrial dishwasher Model Diamond.This is a new step in line Door Type, with modern designs and beautiful colors. As the name of model machine show the elegance and beauty of the machine: Diamond

Máy rửa bát công nghiệp Diamond

+ Automatic water supply system

+ Automatic self-cleaning mode in washers by pressing only one button.

+ Color and youthful elegance is made of stainless steel,antifouling and anticorrosion

+ Mode control PCB is set accordingly, convenient to users: You can install /assembly parts of washers in anywhere.

+ There is no backlog of detergent: By adjusting position of sprinklers, Nu-Master ensures there is no backlog of detergent .

 You will probably be very impressed by the useful and simple using of the dishwasher line-Door Type type, the equipment imported from Korea. Please choose one of the models which suited to necessities and condition of your family .


Technical specifications of industrial dishwasher line dedicated Door Type Series










Dimensions (mm)

650 (W) X700 (D) x1340 (H)

Door of Machine : 650 (W) x700x1850 (H)



Washing Mode

Mechanism of operation

Washing nozzles rotate up and down

The rate of flow

400L / min

Wash Temperature

55 +/- 100C

Wash Tank Capacity


Coated Mode

Mechanism of operation

Washing nozzles rotate up and down

The rate of flow

35L / min

Wash Temperature

85 +/- 50C

Wash Tank Capacity


Electrical Power

Washing pump capacity

0.75kW / h

Coated pump capacity

0.045kw / h

Maximum power consumption



1 phase 220V AC 60HZ

Maximum washing capacity

Maximum plate 1,500 ~ 1,800 and about 359 ~ 480 bowl noodle

Maximum of about 1,550 units bowl diner / 2,100  cup

Safety Equipment

Safety door equipment

Equipment for high heat resistance

Self-diagnostic mode

Electric Leakage prevention device


MODEL: Nunu-1004





Dimensions (mm)

610 (W) x 550 (D) x 1340 (H)

Maximum power consumption



1 phase 220V AC 60HZ

Wash Tank Capacity


Coated Tank Capacity


Time to clean

30 ~ 99 seconds / times

Time girdle

3 ~ 125 seconds / times

Wash temperature


Coated temperature


We purchase products in bulk, delivery and give instruction for customers. In addition to guarantee 12 months,delivery nationwide brings peace of mind for customers.

 Many restaurants, hotels, schools, large hospitals have trusted and used the dishwasher product categories Door Type Series, Brand NU-MASTER

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