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Much of the reason why many owners restaurant owners must think carefully when deciding to buy a dishwasher.They are afraid of  that dishwasher doesnot wash  clean, and consumes electricity or water.

Maybe you've heard or seen a family or owners of bars, restaurants, hotels, ...who  have used a imported dishwasher,they lose more than 1 to 2 hours to complete wash cycle, while washing by hand takes only 15 minutes to complete.

Máy rửa bát băng chuyền Hàn Quốc

In fact, experts in the kitchen and specially people who use directly equipment   understand and feel clearly about this problem. With industrial dishwasher, it cost the maximum only 300 liters - 600 liters of water to complete the cycle (even with the line of saving water dishwasher only 200 liters / cycle) with thousands dirty of bowls, plates into clean in a very short time.

Cơ chế rửa bát vòng xoáy nước

In terms of power,of course,it cost electricity when using electrical equipment compared to washing by hand and depending on each model. Advanced Dishwasher as Rack Conveyor Type Series imported from Korea, Brand Nu-Master,consumes  very litte energy (energy consumption A +, A ++), while the usual series costs a little more.


Rack conveyor Type Series has 2 main model types:

+ Master-8100

+ Master-8200

Features :

Rack Conveyor Type Series Dishwasher is designed suitable for large-scale restaurants, nursing centers, ...,which reduces labor costs from 1-2 people, but the  cleaning frequency up to thousands of bowls, dishes within 1 hour with and easy to  clean the machine. It meets all the strict requirements of customers with the convenience Highlights:

 - Products designed by stainless steel materials, durable with time

- Automatic operating and touch system

- Fast and efficient washing speed

- Convenience and safety for users

- Saving electricity, water and process water for re-use 70% for the wash.

- Installed  notices safety equipment when overloaded.

 Technical specifications Rack conveyor dishwashers Conveyor

1. Dishwasher Rack conveyor

Model: Master-8100

Capacity: 250-300 rack / hr

Dimensions (mm): 1340 (W) X700 (D) x1350 (H)

Voltage: 22V AC / 380Hz

Wash pump capacity : 3HP X 1 (2.25kw / h)

Coat pump capacity : 1 / 4HP x 1 (0.33kw / h)

Capacity of Conveyor motor : 0.2 kw

Heating capacity: 6.8 Kw

Wash tank capacity: 82 L

Wash temperature: 60-75oC

Rinse temperature: 82-95oC

Water consumption: 300L

Thermal energy consumption:

38500-60000 kcal / hour

Imported from Korea

Máy rửa chén bát băng chuyền Master-8100

2. Rack conveyor  type series dishwasher

Model: Master-8200

Capacity: 350-400 rack / hr

Dimensions (mm): 1940 (W) X850 (D) x1350 (H)

Voltage: AC 220V / 380V

Wash pump capacity : 3HP X 2 (4.5kw / h)

Coat pump capacity : 0.4HP X 1 (0.33kw / h)

Capacity of conveyor motor: 1 / 4HP X 1 (0.2KW)

Heating capacity: 16.78Kw

Wash Tank Capacity: 164L

Wash temperature: 60-75oC

Rinse temperature: 82-95oC

Water consumption: 600L

Thermal energy consumption:

38500-60000 kcal / hour

Imported from Korea

Máy rửa bát băng chuyền Master-8200

 We purchase products in bulk, delivery and give instruction for customers. In addition to guarantee 12 months,delivery nationwide brings peace of mind for customers.

Many restaurants, hotels, schools, large hospitals have trusted and used the dishwasher product categories Rack Conveyor , Brand NU-MASTER.

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