Nu-Master Dishwasher (NUNU-7100STH)

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For many years of work, INKO is one of the pioneering companies in the field of import and distribution of industrial dishwashers Korea in Vietnam market. We always provide high-end products, genuine with good quality and best price. Import Industrial dishwasher Korean - Nu Master is one of the products with advanced features and bring economic benefits.

 >>> Let's experience with industrial dishwashing machine Brand Nu Master, you will be surprised because of the practical value they bring.

The product line of dishwasher brand NU-MASTER import from Korea

Trapdoor dishwasher Nu-Master (NUNU-7100 STH) is a modern product line which bring efficiency quickly and save energy.Dishwasher clean mass of dishes quickly by technology of spraying hot water with a capacity up to 6.0Kw and super fast time of rinsing

-Industrial dishwashers Nu-Master (NUNU-7100 STH) is an excellent choice for kitchens in restaurants, hotels, factories, ... because the machine will help you to save time and the bowls, cups, glasses are cleaned and sterilized, dried with temperature of water up to 95 ° C.

Technical specifications of trapdoor dishwasher Nu-Master

Model: Nunu-7100STH

Dimensions (mm): 650x700x1350 (1800)

Voltage: 220V 1P / 50 ~ 60Hz / 7kW

Wash pump capacity : 0.75kW

Coat pump capacity : 0.08Kw

Heating capacity: 6.0Kw

Wash Tank Capacity: 48L

Coat Tank Capacity: 28L

Wash temperature: 60-75oC

Rinse temperature: 82-95oC

Adjust wash time: 35-80sec (45Sec)

Adjust girdle time: 5-30sec (12Sec)

Capacity: 50-60Rack / Hr

imported from Korea

 >>> We purchase products in bulk, delivery and give instruction for customers. In addition to guarantee 12 months, we delivery nationwide and bring peace of mind for customers.

Many restaurants, hotels, schools,large hospitals have trusted and used the dishwasher Door Type, Brand NU-MASTER.

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