Dishwasher Door Type Model Nunu-1004

Import, supply dishwashers door type model Nunu-1004, import from South Korea  with competitive prices, quality assurance and the best service in Vietnam market.

Dishwasher door type

Item code : Nunu-1004

Brand: Nu-Master

Origin: South Korea

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Dòng máy rửa bát Hàn Quốc

Salient Features of the product

As an outstanding line of product about technical specifications with the ability to meet all the needs of consumers thanks to:

- Frame and body made of high quality stainless steel

- Simple design, compact, space-saving, easy to use and easy to install.

- Suitable Price, low investment costs and quick ability recover capital

- Application of advanced technology number one in Korean market

- Safety lock system to help safety for users when operating.

Máy rửa bát loại cửa sập Door type

Technical specifications 



MODEL: Nunu-1004





Dimensions (mm):

610(W) x 550(D) x 1340(H)

Maximum power consumption



 1 Phase AC 220V 60HZ

Wash Tank Capacity


Coated Tank Capacity


Washing time

30 ~ 99 seconds / times

Rinsing time

3 ~ 125 seconds / times

Wash temperature


Rinse temperature


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