Dishwasher door type Diamond

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Dishwasher door type

Model: Diamond

Type: door type

Brand: Nu-Master

Guarantee : 12 months

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Máy rửa bát công nghiệp Diamond

Dishwasher Diamond is a new step in series Door Type with modern design, luxurious colors and integration of multiple functions of coating and washing bowls,plates. As the name of model shows the elegance and beauty of the machine:

 + Water supply system automatically: Just by using 1 buttons, all wastewater will be easily discharged outside.

+ Self-cleaning mode automatically in dishwasher only with one button .

+ luxurious youthful appearance with materials with striking colors,antifouling and anticorrosion

+PCB mode control is set accordingly, convenient to users: You can install /assembly parts of washers in anywhere.

+ There is no backlog of detergent: By adjusting position of the washing nozzle, Nu-Master ensures that there is no residue.

Máy rửa bát loại cửa sập

Technical Specifications  of dishwashers door type

Model: Diamond

Dimensions (mm): 650x700x1340 (1850)

Mechanism of operation : Sprinklers washing cycle up and down

Weight: 85kg

Voltage: AC 220V 60HZ

Wash pump capacity : 0.75kW

Coat pump capacity: 0.045Kw

Heating capacity: 3.8Kw

Wash Tank Capacity: 48L

Coat Tank Capacity: 28L

Wash temperature: 55 +/- 100C

Rinse temperature: 50C +/- 80-95oC85

Time adjust : 35-80sec (45Sec)

Time girdle adjusted: 5-30sec (12Sec)

Maximum wash speed : 1,500 ~ 1,800 dishes and 359 ~ 480 bowl noodle

1,550 bowl / 2,100 glass,cup

Imported from Korea

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