Conveyor dishwasher series Flight conveyor

INKO supply industrial dishwasher, dishwasher for restaurant,chain of automatic  dishwasher, high washing productivity. Equipment is imported 100% from Korea.


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Dishwasher Conveyor series Flight conveyor is an outstanding product series of technical specifications, designed for the large-scale restaurants, hotels and dining in the industrial parks.

May rua bat Flight Conveyor

Flight conveyor dishwashers Conveyor is a modern product providing high productivity with quality of clean washed dishes with capability of drying, sterilization ensures maximum hygiene for thousand of bowls.

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Series of conveyor dishwasher Flight Conveyor hat 6 main model types:

+ Master-9100

+ Master-9100D

+ Master-9200

+ Master-9200D

+ Master-9300

+ Master-9300D

Máy rửa bát băng chuyền Korea


- Washing system is fully automated 

- Rinsing capacity is around 1,800 racks / hour with large washing tank capacity

- Product designed by stainless steel materials, durable with time

- Modern design, beautiful design and color

- Safety lock system helps the user to have peace of mind when operating.

- High capacity help to wash fastly, cleanly a large number of bowls, plates, cups, glasses in a short time

- Saving electricity, water and by process of re-use 70 % water for the wash.

- Install equipment safety notices when overloaded

- Suitable for hotels, professionals restaurant, with great customers and meals

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We purchase products in bulk,delivery and give instruction for customers. In addition to guarantee 12 months, we delivery nationwide and bring  peace of mind for customers.

Many restaurants, hotels, schools, large hospitals have trusted and used the dishwasher product categories  Conveyor Dishwasher Series Flight Conveyor,Model Nu-Master

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