Carpet Cleaner Carpet Clean

Carpet Cleaner Carpet Clean, chemical for cleaning carpet, cleaning agent for carpet cleaning with best quality made in Korea

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Carpet Cleaner Carpet Clean
Carpet Cleaner Carpet Clean

Packages : 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Applications : To remove general dirt and stains from the surface of the carpet

Carpet Cleaner Carpet Clean

Features :

Maintains the texture of the carpet
Helps to prevent re-soil
Special non-ionic surface active agent effectively dissolves various stains and spots
Does not leave residue or unpleasant stickiness

Method of Use :

1. Dilute the agent depending upon the type and severity of stain and dirt.
2. Remove any partial contamination using Pre-Cleaner as per instructions.
3. Spray the diluted solution onto the carpet
4. Rub the affected areas with a cotton pad. In case of serious or deep stains, use a brush.
5. Suck up the residue and waste liquid with a wet & dry vacuum cleaner and let dry. 

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