Copper Cleaner RICOPARE

Copper Cleaner RICOPARE, chemical for cleaning cooper, chemical for remove the rust from copper and brass instantly with the best quality made in Korea

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Copper Cleaner RICOPARE
Copper Cleaner RICOPARE

Packages : 550ml / 3.75 L (1 gallon)

Applications : To remove the rust from copper and brass instantly

Copper Cleaner Ricopare

Features :
Quickly removes heavily soiled rust and stains which is caused by the oxidization of copper and brass surfaces
Restores the metal to its natural colour.

Method of Use :

1. Apply neatly to the target surface
2. Scrub the surface with a brush
3. Wipe clean with a dry, clean, lint-free dust cloth.
4. If Ricopare is used together with Metal Clean, Ricopare should be diluted with water at the ratio of 2:1 (two parts Ricopare with one part water). After applying Ricopare in accordance with the above instructions, spray Metal Clean onto a clean cloth and wipe the area.

>>** Note : Metal Clean is highly recommended to be used as a final touch to prevent the discoloration of the surface

* For long-lasting gloss, Metal Care should be diluted together with Ricopare, or Metal Care should be used after application of Ricopare.

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