Fast acting Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER

Fast acting Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER, neutralizer the alkalinity of the floor, stripper for floor finish,  neutralizer with high quality made in Korea

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Fast acting Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER
Fast acting Neutralizer 

Packages : 3.75 L (1 gallon)

Applications : Neutralises the alkalinity of the floor after stripping

Fast acting neutralizer NEUTRALIZER

Features :

Increases adhesion of sealers to the floor
Helps prevent powdering of sealers
Increases the gloss of the wax and strengthens durability
Reduces labour cost by neutralizing the surface-active agent and alkaline elements in stripping chemicals.

1. Dilute the neutralizer at the rate of 1:50-150 (one part neutralizer, fifty to one hundred and fifty parts water).
2. Apply the diluted neutralizer onto the floor after slurry pick-up.
3. Application of wax should start only after the floor has completely been Neutralizer neutralized and dried.

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