Industrial cleaning chemical Korea

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Industrial cleaning chemical Korea

Import and distribute line of premium chemical washing Korea, cleaning chemical applying biotechnology, not only completely clean, but also  friendly environment .

Outstanding advantages of Chemical washing Made in Korea:

1.Chemical washing do not harm fabrics

2.Chemical washing do not discolor fabrics, protect color for fabric

3. Prevent yellowing, make clothes whiter 

4. Effective immediately at room temperature, from 20-30 C in neutral pH or pH <9.

5. Applying of biotechnology in chemical production, supplemented with enzymes and ingredients from natural extracts helping to protect your skin

* Diversified product  to meet any requirement of customer

Hóa chất giặt công nghiệp Hàn Quốc

* We are proud to bring our customers the cleaning chemical used for knit  and silk fabrics,the materials have high economic value.

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