Clean room washer extractor Korea HSCWP- (S/E)70

Professional in import,distribution, retail, consulting, installation and maintenance of industrial washing machine clean room Korea model HSCWP- Korea(S/E)70. Equipment is imported 100% from Korea.

Washing machine pure clean room Korea

Item code: HSCWP- (S / E) 70

Energy: Steam / Electrical


Origin: South Korea

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Industrial washing machine pure clean room Korea model HSCW P-(S/E) 70 is a advanced modern design, widely used in hospitals,food factories food and pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy ,...

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Máy giặt phòng sạch cleantech

Outstanding Features

 - Clean washing and effective is one of the most important advantages of  washing machine clean room. Clothing will be maximum pasteurized, sterilized .

 - Cage is made of stainless steel SUS316, helping longer of durability of the machine

 - Easy for maintenance and replacement by removable corrosion equipment

 - Easy to use with dashboard of cleaning level  and washing speed 

 - Quiet, no noise through the installation of damping system

Appearance :The machine is designed as form of furniture with stylish,subtle color and easily combined with other decorations.

Máy giặt phòng sạch Cleantech 70kg

Technical Specifications of industrial washer extractor cleanroom Korea

Model: HSCWP- (S/E) 70


Origin: South Korea

Capacity (kg / batch dry cloth): 70

Cage diameter (mm): O720

Cage depth (mm): 1200

Washing speed (rev / min): 30-60

Extractor speed (rev / min): 400-750

Pumping capacity (ℓ): 488

Motor (HP / Kw): 10 / 7.5

Inverter (HP / Kw): 15/11

Pressure water / warm water / tube / Steam (A): 40/40/90/20

Dimensions (mm): 1820/1250/1700

Voltage (volts / Hz / kw): 3P / 380/60 / 7.5

Electrical Power consumption (kW / h): 20

Weight (kg): 1950

Imported from Korea

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