Pure clean room washer extractor model HSCWP-(S/E)30

INKO specializes in import and distributing industrial washer extractor pure clean room Cleantech for hospital system, pharmaceutical, food.Equipment  is imported 100%  from Korea.

Washing machine pure clean room Korea

Item code: HSCWP-(S/E)30

Energy: Steam / Electrical


Origin: South Korea

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Washing machine pure clean room Korea  model HSCW

Industrial washing machinepure clean room Cleantech,Pure Clean Room Series is an ideal solution for hospitals, food plants and pharmaceutical, nuclear power,..

Máy giặt phòng sạch công nghiệp Cleantech

Outstanding Feature :

-Using for cleaning room pure, ensuring absolute safety for the environment.

-Cage is made of stainless steel  SUS316 , removeable corrosion equipment, easy for maintenance and replacement.

- Control board of washing level and speed conveniently , ease of use.

- System of unique door using foam tape acrylic.Very convenient, detect leakage  automatically

Technical Specifications of industrial washer extractor pure clean room

Item code : HSCWP- (S/E)30


Origin: South Korea

Capacity (kg / batch dry cloth): 30

Cage diameter (mm): O720

Cage depth (mm): 600

Wash speed (rev / min): 30-60

Extractor speed (rev / min): 400-900

Pump capacity (ℓ): 244

Motor (HP / Kw): 5 / 3.7

Inverter (HP / Kw): 5.5 / 4

Pressure water / warm water / tube / Steam (A): 20/20/75/15

Dimensions (mm): 1450/1250/1700

Voltage (volts / Hz / kw): 3P 220 or 380/60 / 3.7

Electrical Power consumption (kW / h): 10

Weight (kg): 1150

Imported from Korea

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