Shoes dryer model HSCWS-48

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Shoes dryer model HSCWS-48

After wet cleaning and cleaning the dirt of shoe, you need to dry them.

Shoe Dryer model HSCDS-48 - is a dedicated industrial dryer,helping  you to make the shoe dry rapidly in a very short time period that remain their shape .

Applications:Used in factories and export processing zones, hospitals, kindergartens, ...Special is used in large industrial areas with thousand of employees and lead to demand of shoes drying to serve production. And in Vietnam, almost industrial zones Korea and Japan using this product and from which many products such as industrial dryer Korea are used by foreign enterprises.

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Technical Specifications of industrial dryer

Model: HSCS-48


Capacity (pcs): 48

Voltage (volts / Hz): AC220V60Hz

Fan Power (W): 400

Electrical Power consumption (Kw / h): 3.3

Voltage (volts, kW / hr, Hz): 1P or 3P 220 220 or 380/3/60

Weight (kg): 150 Dimensions (mm): 790x820x1890

Imported from Korea


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