Tumble dryer Bossong-e heavy duty 100 kg

Products: Industrial tumble dryer 
Model: HSCD-100 
Origin: Made in Korea 
Brand : HS Clean Tech 
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Tumble dryer machine Bossong-e heavy duty 100 kg
Feature of tumble dryer machine Bossong-e HS Clean Tech.

* Economical, cost reducing. 
* Cylinder volume conforming to international standard. 
* The biggest stainless steel door among the same or similar classes made it possible to load and unload laundry conveniently without damaging the surface of textile when drying. 
* Ultra-shortened drying time by Cleantech’s unique closed-structure and integral exhaust device enhanced energy saving effect. 
* Tangle and overheat prevention alarm-function built-in the program redoubled safety and efficiency. 
* Contamination state can be watched by naked eyes through peep-hole and LED installed at filter-box.
* Cleantech’s unique vertical type fan-structure leads to energy saving.
* Considered customer’s safety first by covering drive part. 
* Individually developed cyclone thermal-dynamic-structure saves energy cost and processing time considerably.First ever peephole at the outside of filter-box(180mm tempered glass, LED) prevents energy loss caused by lack of cleaning filter and get superior optical effect done.

Specification of tumble dryer Bossong-e 

Model : HSCD-100
Assembled in Korea
Rated capacity (Kg): 100
Drum dimension( mm): 1600
Drum depth (mm/inch): 1000
Drum Motor (HP/kw): 2/1.5
Fan Motor (HP/kw): 2/1.5
Steam in/out (A/inch): 25,25/1,1
Gas consumption (Kcal/hr): 15,000
Electric heating (Kw/hr) : 45
Exhaust pipe (mm):350
Dimensions: 1684x1820x2500mm
Weight : 850 kg
Voltage Power: 3P 220v hoặc 380V, 60 Hz, 3/ 48 Kw
Option heating method: Steam, Electric, Gas
Origin: Korea, New 100%

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