Industrial Flatwork Ironer Clean Tech HSCR - E412 / S412

INKO specialize in import and distribute flatwork ironer Clean Tech HSCR-E412/D412 with price and the best service in Vietnam - Equipment  is imported 100% from Korea.

Industrial flatwork ironer Clean Tech

Item code : HSCR - E412 / S412

Energy: Electric / Steam


Origin: South Korea

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Industrial Flatwork Ironer Clean Tech HSCR - E412

Outstanding Feature :

 - Compact design, suitable for medium and small laundry area, hotel, restaurants, ..

 - Main roller is made of stainless steel helping to promote the heating increase faster, saving energy, increase maximum lifespan.

 - Equipment for inverter control more convenient and help to minimize the risks that may occur.

Máy là hơi công nghiệp dùng điện (HSCR-E412)

Technical Specifications of flatwork Cleantech

Model: HSCR - E412 / S412


Size of roller (S x D): O400x2000mm

Material: Stainless Steel STS304 6T

Speed (rev / min): 180

Capacity (ea / hr): 50 ~ 100

Number of rollers (Ea): 01

Steam Pressure (Kg / cm3): 5 ~ 7

Steam Consumption (Kg / cm3): 100

Steam input / output (A): 20/15

Heating capacity (kW / hr): 18

Motor (HP): 1

Inverter (HP): 2

Voltage: 220V or 380V 3P, 60Hz 18.7Kw

Dimensions implementation W * D * H  (mm): 3200x1055x1300

Weight: 850Kg

Imported from Korea

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