Shoes dryer model HSCWS-84

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Shoes dryer model HSCWS-84

Shoe dryers brand HS Cleantech

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Shoes dryers model HSCWS-84 - a dedicated shoe drying equipment, helping you to dry shoe quickly in a very short time period that remain their shape. As a Korea leading industrial dryer in the Viet Nam market  Vietnam,which used in hospitals, industrial parks, factories,..

Technical Specifications of industrial dryer HSCWS-84

Model: HCSUS-84


Capacity (pcs): 84

Fan Power (W): 1200

Electrical Power consumption (Kw / h): 6

Voltage (volts, kW / hr, Hz): 220 or 380/3/60

Weight (kg): 200

Dimensions (mm): 1000 * 1030 * 2170

Imported from Korea

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