Shoe washing machine Korea model HSCW-SC

Shoe Washer genuine model HSCW-SC , 100% imported,quality and unbeatable service.

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Shoe washing machine Korea model HSCW-SC

- You're worried how you can change shoe style every day with beautiful shoes, but how to keep them always clean, and look clean when using?

- You can clean each shoe,but you still can not remove the dirt in it and that consumes your time.

Which is the best solution?

Giải pháp nào chọn mua máy giặt giầy

We, INKO understand your anxiety of busy people,so we have been imported and distributed shoe washing machine model HSCW-SC - imported from Korea.

Máy giặt giầy model HSCW-SC

With sophisticated design and useful functions gathered in a machine, any dirt, dust in shoe will be brushed. Korean industrial washing machine brand HSCW-SC will care for your shoes , so they are always clean  to express your careful character.

Technical Specifications of industrial washing machine-SC HSCW

Model: HSCW-SC


Motor : horizontal brush: 0.04kw

Vertical Brush : 0.4kW

Wash speed (R.P.M): 340

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 1470 * 640 * 1160 mm

Weight (kg): 200

Imported from Korea

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