Price of industrial washing machine 35kg Alps

Alps industry washing machine is challenge and has many advantages such as stable structure & high durability. Design for minimum space for installation with high efficiency. All stainless steel drum. Maximized G-Force.

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industrial washing machine 35kg Alps

Feature and benefit of ALPS washer extractor:

1.Alps is challenge! Stable structure & high durability.
2.Minimum space for installation with high efficiency. 
3.All stainless steel drum. Maximized G-Force. 
4.Adopted V-ring seal structure first time in-country which extends the exchange cycle of bearing semi permanently. 
5.The unique drain system developed by Cleantech individual technique, made of stainless steel free from corrosion and erosion.
Easy to mend and replace by adopting flange type.
6.Special 5 folds oil-seal structure fundamentally prevents water from penetrating into bearing
Water draining groove inside of the bearing case redoubles the durability of bearing.
7.Control panel: Feasibility of independent adjustment of speed and water level increases convenience and cleaning power.
By utilizing 8 course-programs wet cleaning channels, even difficult laundry can be perfectly processed. (8 Channels are possible)
8.Door and peripheral devices developed by Cleantech sindividual technique enhanced the convenience of loading and unloading laundry and solved chronic problem of water leakage to Zero Defect. (Eliminated bolts and nuts binding mechanism by adopting acrylic foam tape of Avery Dennison Inc. of U.S.A


Model : HSCW-AE35
Assembled in Korea
Rated capacity (Kg): 35
Drum dimension( mm): 900
Drum depth (mm/inch): 550
Washing( RPM): 35 ~ 60
Extract (RPM): 400 ~ 480
Volume (l/gallon): 321
Motor (HP/kw): 7.5/5.5
Inventer (HP/kw): 7.5/5.5
Water/Warm Water/Drain/Steam (A): 25/25/65/15
Dimensions: 1085x1390x1667mm
Voltage Power: 3P 220V hoặc 380V, 60Hz
Electric heating (kw/h): 20
Weight : 900 kg
RCF( Kg/rpm): 116
Origin: Korea, New 100% 

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